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Conversion to one-wire alternator
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Alternator Upgrade


This tech will allow you to upgrade your 3 wire original alternator to a one wire on your Chevy.This will eliminate the mechanical voltage regulator that can stick and drain your battery.It will work on just about any GM vehicle that already has an alternator.


If you have a 1 wire alternator, did you know that most auto parts stores don't stock parts for these? These alternators use a self-energizing voltage regulator.Might be a good idea to get one and keep it around in case you ever need to do a conversion, break down while on a trip, or find out your 1 wire alternator is sold out or out of stock for some other reason.This way you can buy the cheaper 3 wire alternator, which can be found almost anywhere, and do the conversion roadside. They are relatively cheap.Average cost is $6-$8 bucks.


The parts needed to convert a 3 wire Delco alternator into a 1 wire alternator are shown in the following table.I recommend using 10 gauge wire to go from the back of the alternator to the battery at minimum.

  Voltage Regulator Diode Trio Rectifier Bridge
AES 1098 91 182
AIM   AO-0710D  
AMSCO DA-94S-E DA-109 DA-1
BWD R695   SC5
Caterpillar   9N1202  
CPC   ATDE-690 ARDE-035
Delco   1975328,1984459,1985348,




Dubois 1000S 5000A,501-001 5060,5061
Echlin VR-166 AC-12 AC9
Hybritex HDR-1002SE HDT-1010  
IPM IA-6056 1A-1484  
KEM KVR810   DA15
RCP 13659T    
Rayloc 01-040-049-0072   01-040-046-0009
Renard 5097 5205,5260 5000
Solid State VRD387XL DTD10150 RBD5040,RBD5042
Standard VR-191 D-11 D-4
Valley Forge VR197 W6848 W6847
WAI 35-101-1 33-100 31-101-2
Wells     DR302
Woodauto   DDT 3960A RTF 3982