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This area of this website is devoted to another GM vehicle my wife and I have an interest in.That being the 47-54 Chevy/GMC Panel trucks.Our 48 Chevy 1 ton panel truck is currently still under construction.We plan to use it in our business and to attend swap meets.

We, like most others with panel trucks,are in need of various sheetmetal parts.Most of these aren't reproduced at this time and original, rust free pieces are very hard to find.Currently we are working with a friend who has the talent to reproduce these pieces for us and we plan to start selling them to others.The first piece to be reproduced will be the area at the end of the bed boards that continues under the rear doors.I'm in the process of removing mine so the guy can copy it.As soon as we are satisfied that the look and fit is acceptable we will be offering them for sale to others.Please check back often to monitor the progress of these parts.Hopefully pictures will be available soon.

Pieces to be reproduced:

1.(CA-001)rear interior sheetmetal from the boards to the rear doors.

2.(CA-002)rear exterior piece from under the rear doors down to the bumper filler panel.

3.(CA-003)rear bumper filler panel.

4.(CA-004)roll pan.

5.(CA-005)bottom of main body above running boards.

6.(CA-006)inside bottom of rear doors.

7.(CA-007)bottom rear portion of rear fenders.

8.(CA-008)2 or 3" wider rear fenders.

You can go ahead and preorder at this time if you like.As soon as I get the first one I will trial fit it.Then shipping will begin.Those that preordered will get the first ones available.Order below.

Panel Parts Ordering

Front Suspension Swap

April 1,2002- Began to remove the rear interior sheetmetal piece below the rear doors.Most of the nuts are partially rusted away so it looks like I will have to cut the bolts to get it off.
April 3,2002- Continuing the process of removing the rear interior sheetmetal section that goes below the rear doors. I'm hoping to get this piece removed this week so I can get it to the guy to start the copying process.
Rear sheetmetal assembly is removed from the truck.Now I just need to break it down into individual pieces before taking it to the sheetmetal guy.Stay tuned.
I broke it down and took it to the sheetmetal guy this evening.He took a good look at all of the pieces.The ones he is going to make first are shown in the picture.
April 4,2002 The guy is ready to start making the first pieces.It will take about a week to finish the first copy.I need to get a count of the people who want one for sure.If we are only going to make a couple, he is going to do them freehand.If more people than that are going to want them, he is going to make a hammerform.Once he does that he will be able to make a copy in a day or two.I'm working on the ordering page today and should have it up and running by tomorrow.
April 5,2002 Prices are set and fabrication has begun on the first 3 pieces.
April 6,2002 Started designing the new piece to replace CA-002,003, and the bumper assy.
April 15,2002 Enough orders have been recieved to get a price break on these pieces.I'll be revising the prices on the ordering page.If I can get a few more orders I will be able to get them down a little more.
April 26,2002 There has been a small delay.The guy has decided to go it on his own and has leased his own shop.He will probably be busy moving in and setting up for the next week or so.Please be patient.This is a good thing. Now he will be able to get them done faster once he's set up!


The piece on the right is the bumper filler panel(CA-003).The large piece on the left is actually two seperate pieces welded together. The inside piece(CA-001) and the outside piece(CA-002 or CA-004).They will be made and sold seperately.After looking at the parts closely he has determined that the original quoted price was too low.Its going to be more because of the compound curves.