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Standard brand part numbers

Here's a list of part numbers and applications to arm yourself with for that visit to the local auto parts store or wrecking yard.Good to have when you encounter a "parts challenged" counter person.

Radiator Fan Temp. Control Switch
Years Model STD Part #
85-89 Starion TS-144
85-88 Mirage
83-88 Cordia,Tredia
85-87 Galant
Lower LH Radiator Switch
Years Models STD Part #
85-89 Starion TS-202
88-89 Sigma-3.0S -100C
Temp. Sending Unit
Years Models STD Part #
85-87 Starion-MT TS-63/TS-73
83-90 Starion-AT
87 Cordia,Tredia-1.8L-turbo&2.0L-MT
86 Mirage-MT

Pickup-Gas Engine

85-86 Cordia,Tredia-MT
83-86 Montero-MT
83-85 Pickup-MT-Gas Engine

More coming soon!