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Here are the Chevy RPO codes.There are some dicrepencies so, if you can help clarify some of them, send me an email.

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RPO Code Part Description Years Used Special Notes
837 Base Corvette Coupe 1963-64  
867 Base Corvette Convertible 1963-64  
898 Leather seats   Corvette
A01 Softray tinted glass   All windows
A02 Tinted glass   Windshield only
A13 Power door locks    
A16 Power tailgate release    
A20 Custom seat belts 1964  
A31 Power tailgate release    
A32 Electric window control    
A33 Electric tailgate window control    
A37 Seat belt equipment 1964-  
A39 Front & rear seat belts 1966- Retractors on front belts
A41 Electric front seat control   4 way
A42 Electric front seat control   6 way
A43 6 Way manual seat adjuster    
 A46  Electric driver seat control   4 way bucket
 A47  Seat belts   Custom Deluxe
 A49  Front seat belt w/retractors 1964- Used with RPO A63
 A52  Front seat bucket   Astro
 A53  Front seat bench   Astro
 A62  Front seat belt delete    
 A63  Rear seat belt delete    
 A64  Rear seat belt   Custom Deluxe
A65 Front bench seat   Split type seat w/arm rest
 A66  Split second seat    
 A67  Folding rear seat    
 A68  Rear seat center belt   Standard
 A75  H.D. front seat cushion   Low profile type
 A76  H.D. rear seat    
 A81  Head rests-bucket seats    
 A82  Haed rests-bench seat    
 A85  Shoulder harness 1966- Deluxe
 A90  Electric trunk opener    
 A91  Vacuum trunk opener    
 A93  Vacuum door locks    
 A96   Rear compartment lock    
AG7   6 way power seat    
 AK1  Seat belts/ shoulder harness   Custom Deluxe
 AL4  Front bench seat   Special contour-Astro
 AL5   Rear center seat belt    Deluxe
 AN5  Lateral restraint seat    
 AN7   Swing out strato buckets    

More to come soon!